Free Charging for EV Drivers on Earth Day

Ivy Charging Network invites EV drivers to use its fast-charging Charge & Go and level 2 Park & Charge locations to recharge for free in celebration of Earth Day, Friday April 22. The 24 hour free charging offer at one of Ontario’s most connected networks will be available from midnight on April 22 to midnight.

Ivy works to promote electrification in the transportation sector. They provide simple, intuitive and reliable EV charging infrastructure solutions to connect EV drivers with the people and places they care about most. The charging network will be complete and will link Ontario from the north to the south, as well as west to west. It will also provide sustainable charging infrastructure to support drivers in making the transition to zero-emission vehicles.

To locate a reliable and convenient location within Ivy’s network, EV drivers can use Ivy’s app or plugShare.

Ivy Charging Network was created by Hydro One Limited (Hydro 1) and Ontario Power Generation. Natural Resources Canada provided remunerated contributions to Hydro One through its Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program to help build Ivy.

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