U.S. Drivers Anticipate Mobile Parking Payment Solutions to Alleviate Driving-Related Stress

U.S. drivers are increasingly eager for mobile payment solutions to ease the stress associated with parking, according to a survey conducted by ParkMobile, the most widely used parking app in the United States and part of the EasyPark Group. The study examined parking habits and trends among U.S. drivers, revealing that 82 percent of respondents consider searching for a parking space a top source of stress when driving in urban areas. However, drivers using parking apps like ParkMobile to locate and pay for parking experience a nearly 33 percent reduction in stress levels.

The survey also highlighted that concerns related to paying for parking, including the hassle of locating ticket stations when using parking kiosks or meters, significantly diminish with the integration of mobile payment apps and providers. In response to the demand from 74 percent of drivers seeking the availability of a mobile parking payment solution, ParkMobile is expanding its presence and offering solutions that enable drivers to find and reserve parking in advance via the reservations platform, making parking more convenient.

“Searching for parking in densely populated downtown areas not only contributes to increased carbon dioxide emissions but also causes stress and could impact how drivers perceive and interact with their cities in the future,” stated David Hoyt, Managing Director of ParkMobile. “Through the integration and adoption of ParkMobile, we are enhancing the livability of cities with our user-friendly mobile parking solution, helping downtown areas thrive and allowing residents and visitors to experience stress-free parking.”

The report also revealed that approximately 80 percent of respondents consider it important to use the same parking app across multiple locations and states. However, around 30 percent of respondents reported being unable to use their preferred mobile payment app for parking nationwide because these apps are not universally accepted at all parking locations. Consequently, many drivers have installed three or more parking apps on their mobile devices to facilitate parking payments throughout the United States.

“As a part of the EasyPark Group, ParkMobile is actively working to implement an open market solution, a model that our company has successfully integrated in key European cities. This approach allows for the inclusion of multiple app-based parking providers within a city, simplifying parking procedures and promoting innovation in parking technology. Consumer choice is paramount in this model. An open market parking approach significantly contributes to digital adoption and can drive mobile payment adoption rates to over 90 percent in cities where it is implemented,” added Hoyt.

Since its establishment in 2008, ParkMobile has processed over 98 billion minutes of parking across North America. The company collaborates with cities to provide real-time parking data and insights for urban planning, encompassing two million parking spaces nationwide, spanning over 600 cities and municipalities, and serving 140 colleges and universities.

The survey conducted by ParkMobile featured responses from over 3,000 participants located throughout the United States, including drivers aged 16-75, serving as a representative sample of the country’s more than 261 million monthly parkers.

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