Baltimore Ranks Third Most Expensive Car Rental Destination in the U.S. This Summer, Survey Reveals

Baltimore, June 11, 2024 – If you’re planning to rent a car this summer, be prepared for steep prices in Baltimore. According to a recent survey conducted by, Baltimore ranks as the third most expensive car rental destination in the United States. The survey, which compared rental rates at 100 U.S. airports from June to August 2024, highlights the rising costs travelers are facing this season.

Baltimore’s Sky-High Rental Rates

With an average daily rate of $134 for the most affordable rental car, Baltimore’s BWI International Airport has seen a significant surge in rental prices. This puts Baltimore just behind Anchorage’s Ted Stevens Airport in Alaska, where rates average $187 per day, and Bozeman Yellowstone Airport in Montana at $165 per day. The steep prices in Baltimore mark a 47% increase compared to last year, the largest hike among all the destinations analyzed in the survey.

Comparisons with Other Major Cities

While Baltimore’s car rental rates soar, other major cities in the region present more budget-friendly options. In Washington, D.C., for instance, the average daily rate is $84 at Ronald Reagan Airport and $78 at Dulles International Airport. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, travelers can expect to pay around $90 per day. These rates are significantly lower than those in Baltimore, making the latter stand out for its higher costs.

Top 10 Most Expensive Car Rental Destinations

The survey by also revealed the top 10 most expensive car rental destinations in the U.S. this summer. Here’s the full list, showcasing average daily rates for the most affordable rental cars from June 1 to August 31, 2024:

  1. Anchorage (ANC) – $187
  2. Bozeman (BZN) – $165
  3. Baltimore (BWI) – $134
  4. Portland (PWM) – $129
  5. Spokane (GEG) – $122
  6. Albany (ALB) – $115
  7. Little Rock (LIT) – $113
  8. Boston (BOS) – $110
  9. Chicago (ORD) – $110
  10. Syracuse (SYR) – $107

Nationwide Trends in Rental Rates

The survey indicates that car rental rates across the U.S. have increased by an average of 3% compared to last year. While this is a modest increase overall, certain locations like Baltimore have experienced dramatic spikes. The reasons behind these price hikes can vary, including higher demand, limited vehicle availability, and regional economic factors.

What This Means for Travelers

For travelers planning a summer trip that includes a car rental, it’s essential to budget accordingly and explore all available options. Booking in advance, considering off-airport rental locations, and comparing prices across different platforms can help mitigate the higher costs.

Baltimore’s ranking as the third most expensive destination highlights the importance of strategic planning and budgeting for those intending to visit the city or travel through its airport.

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