Hyundai and One Tree Planted Join Forces to Plant 300,000 More Trees Across North America

Hyundai and One Tree Planted Advance Partnership to Plant an Additional 300,000 Trees Across North America
Hyundai and One Tree Planted Advance Partnership to Plant an Additional 300,000 Trees Across North America

In a significant push towards environmental sustainability, Hyundai Motor North America has expanded its partnership with the nonprofit organization One Tree Planted, committing to plant an additional 300,000 trees across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This initiative brings the total number of trees planted through their collaboration to an impressive 650,000 since the partnership began in 2022.

A Green Commitment

The tree planting initiative is part of Hyundai’s broader environmental strategy to combat climate change and promote sustainability. The company’s efforts go beyond automotive manufacturing, focusing on contributing to the health of our planet. José Muñoz, president and global COO of Hyundai Motor Company and president and CEO of Hyundai Motor North America, emphasized Hyundai’s commitment: “At Hyundai, we have the unwavering belief that as an automaker, we have to be more active in responding to climate change than companies in other industries. Our partnership with One Tree Planted is one of many initiatives that complements our sustainable mobility solutions.”

Hands-On Efforts in Huntington Beach

To celebrate the ongoing partnership, Hyundai employees recently participated in a volunteer event organized by One Tree Planted in Huntington Beach, California. During the event, volunteers planted and watered approximately 150 coastal native plants and cleared invasive species from the restoration area. This hands-on effort not only aids local ecosystems but also demonstrates Hyundai’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

Harry P. Lynch, president and CEO of One Tree Planted, expressed his gratitude for Hyundai’s continued support: “We appreciate Hyundai’s dedication to reforestation, underscored by their commitment to plant another 300,000 trees this year through their IONIQ Forest project. We are grateful for their support, which helps us fulfill our mission of global reforestation.”

The IONIQ Forest Initiative

Hyundai’s partnership with One Tree Planted is part of a larger project known as the IONIQ Forest. This initiative began in South Korea with the release of Hyundai’s all-electric IONIQ series. The IONIQ Forest aims to plant trees worldwide to foster a cleaner environment, preserve biodiversity, and combat climate change. Each tree planting project under this initiative contributes to these broader ecological goals, making a tangible impact on the environment.

Hyundai’s Broader Impact

Hyundai Motor North America’s environmental efforts align with its vision of Progress for Humanity. The company offers a technology-rich lineup of cars, SUVs, and electrified vehicles, supported by extensive operations across the United States. These operations include the North American headquarters in California, the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama assembly plant, and the upcoming Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America in Georgia. Together, these facilities and Hyundai’s 835 independent dealers contribute $20.1 billion annually and provide 190,000 jobs to the U.S. economy.

A Greener Future

The expanded tree planting initiative between Hyundai and One Tree Planted highlights the importance of corporate responsibility in addressing environmental challenges. As Hyundai continues to innovate in the automotive sector, its commitment to sustainability remains a cornerstone of its corporate philosophy. By planting trees and promoting green initiatives, Hyundai is not only improving its environmental footprint but also paving the way for a healthier planet for future generations.

For more information about Hyundai’s environmental initiatives and the IONIQ Forest project, visit Hyundai News.

About One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to making it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Their global projects are conducted in partnership with local communities and environmental organizations to create a positive impact on nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation efforts help restore degraded forests, provide social impact jobs, and restore biodiversity habitats, contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more at One Tree Planted.

About Hyundai Motor America

Hyundai Motor America offers U.S. consumers a diverse lineup of cars, SUVs, and electrified vehicles, reflecting Hyundai Motor Company’s vision of Progress for Humanity. With significant operations in the U.S., including cutting-edge R&D facilities and extensive manufacturing plants, Hyundai is a major economic contributor. For more information, visit Hyundai Motor America.

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