Cipia-FS10 Driver Monitoring System Available on DCT’s Fleet Telematics Platform

Cipia, a provider of computer vision AI in-cabin automobile solutions, and Digital Communications Technologies, a leading developer and supplier of fleet telematics solutions announced that integration of the Cipia FS10 driver monitoring device (DMS) on DCT’s Pegasus cloud platform using the Syrus4G IoT Gateway. DCT’s fleet telematics offerings will be enhanced by Cipia’s DMS device.

Cipia FS10 is a combination of hardware and software that provides advanced in-cabin video telematics as well as driver monitoring. It was designed to meet the needs of the fleet industry to improve safety and efficiency. The Cipia FS10 uses Computer Vision and artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor driver’s driving habits. It provides real-time audio, visual and tailored alerts for dispatchers and fleet managers.

DCT’s Syrus 4GIoT robust telematics gateway was designed for fleet management operations that are extremely demanding. It offers an open API to allow accessories scalability, multi-platform compatibility and an open API for accessories. The gateway supports video-telematics and has two CAN interfaces, Wi Fi and Bluetooth (BT), multiple input/outputs and an internal SD card to store additional data. The Syrus 4G gateway is ideal for both mining and oil and gas industries where driver safety and security are paramount.

The Cipia FS10 uses an Infrared (IR) sensor to detect distractions, drowsiness and smoking. It also allows for the real-time detection if a driver is using a cellphone or holding it while driving. The Cipia FS10 device communicates via the Syrus4G IoT Gateway with the Pegasus IoT Platform, triggering the existing DCT dash-cam to record and store the event. These events are recorded and sent to the Pegasus Cloud, where fleet operators can assess driving performance and improve safety.

Fleet operators now have the ability to provide a comprehensive fleet and driver safety solution by adding the CipiaFS10 DMS offering from DCT’s Pegasus IoT Platform. Fleet managers can take immediate actions to save lives and have driver monitoring capabilities. This is combined with trip data analysis. A robust automation module processes safety-related events and sends notifications via email, SMS, text, voice, or API integration with other platforms. Dashboarding functionality makes it easy to see which drivers are performing best in safety.

Israel Ronn, Cipia’s VP Aftermarket Business, stated that driver monitoring is becoming more popular as both a safety tool and an information source. TSPs are seeking solutions that provide vital data to improve their fleet’s efficiency and safety. We look forward to working closely with DCT and supporting their fleets using our DMS.

“We are excited to begin working with Cipia,” stated Ignacio Escallon CEO of DCT. Combining the intelligence from the Cipia FS10 DMS with ADAS, and other accessories connected via Syrus 4G allows for the generation of crucial data that can be used to track and assess safety in our customers’ fleets.

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