Navistar Prepares Huntsville Plant

Today Navistar announced plans to construct an integrated powertrain at the Huntsville Powertrain Manufacturing Plant, Huntsville, Ala.

Navistar broke ground for a 110,000 square foot expansion. In February 2020, Navistar broke ground on a 110,000 sq. ft. expansion at Huntsville’s plant. The initial $125 million investment was made in February 2020. To support Navistar’s future growth, an additional $65 million was invested in the plant. This total capital investment is more than $190million.

Navistar will introduce a new integrated powertrain to North America. The TRATON GROUP collaboration development program will demonstrate the Group’s modular system for buses and trucks. The modular system, which is available across the Group, allows for efficient cross-brand production and development while still allowing regional adaptations and validation of the integrated powertrain to the North American market.

Michael Grahe (executive vice president, Operations) stated that Navistar had worked hard to satisfy customer demand. This integrated powertrain was brought to market faster through a modular approach, collaboration with the TRATONGROUP’s global trucks brands, and a rapid time-to-market. With this integrated powertrain we will set a new standard in efficiency for our customers, which will contribute to our journey to sustainable transportation.

For more than five years, Navistar worked with Group brands on the development and validation of the integrated powertrain. The North American market validation of the integrated powertrain has also been supported by thousands of test miles and research hours from Navistar. Navistar will use fleet evaluation units in preparation for the North American market launch. This will allow Navistar to gather data and real-world input from U.S. customers.

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