Communauto launches one-way FLEX carsharing service

The City of Hamilton, Communauto, Canada’s oldest and most renowned carsharing company, has announced the launch of a new carsharing program in Hamilton, Communauto FLEX.

A fleet of 25 FLEX vehicles will be deployed today in an area measuring 12 kilometers across Wards 1, 2 and 3. City Council approved the Free-Floating CarShare Pilot Program last year, which made it possible to launch the service. FLEX is an addition to Communauto’s existing round-trip station-based service that has been in operation for almost 13 years.

Communauto will now offer FLEX service to members in Hamilton, providing a total 60 carshare vehicles – 35 roundtrip vehicles and 25 one-way FLEX cars.

Benoit Robert (CEO of Communatuo) said that Communauto was proud to have launched FLEX service in Hamilton and almost double the size of the available fleet for Hamilton residents. “Communauto aims at offering a sustainable, economical alternative to car ownership as a complement to active mobility and transit. FLEX vehicles have been added to Hamilton’s offer. This is a great addition that will help further develop mobility options in Hamilton.

Mayor Fred Eisenberger stated that “One of our key strategic priorities is expanding transportation options for residents.” This program allows Hamiltonians more freedom in their mobility by allowing them to access a vehicle at any time, without having to book ahead. It also gives them the ability to choose the best mode of transport to get to Hamilton. This program was made possible by our Sustainable Mobility team and our partners at Communauto.

Communauto FLEX is a new, flexible mobility option

Members can access the Communauto app to get one-way FLEX, which is free-floating carsharing. The map shows available vehicles and can be blocked. Members have 30 minutes to get to the vehicle and start a trip. The vehicles can be used to make stops, run errands or go out of town. After they are done, users can park their vehicle in an available spot on the street in the FLEX Zone. This zone offers free, floating carshare parking. After that, the vehicle is available again on the app for the next user.

FLEX service can be used for short one-way trips. Users are able to be spontaneous. However, the existing round trip service is well-suited for longer trips. Vehicles must be pre-reserved (also via the Communauto App) before they can be used.

FLEX vehicle users will continue to be eligible for Communauto’s low driving rates. FLEX base service is free and there is no monthly charge. It costs $0.41/minute or $10/hour or $50/day. The price includes 75kms, with additional kms at $0.21/km. Members can also choose from other rate plans, which allow them to use their car for as low as $2.95/hour and $0.27/km with fuel and maintenance.

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