Insurance Navy brings Texas fully online bound non-standard car insurance

Insurance Navy’s customers are a large portion of policyholders who have non-standard car insurance. Drivers have difficulty finding car insurance at standard rates or with insurance providers because of their risk. This is the reason Insurance Navy has grown to be one of Illinois’ fastest-growing insurance brokerages due to its Chicagoland location.

Insurance Navy’s business is growing in Houston with the recent opening of their fourth location. Insurance Navy also announced that they now offer fully binded, non-standard auto insurance online to Texas drivers. This is a first in the industry.

“Drivers who require non-standard car coverage must visit an office or make arrangements to meet with an agent,” states Insurance Navy CEO Fadi Nieneh. “Binding insurance” is a fancy way to say that you can buy car insurance online. It is more convenient, easier, and secure.

Premiums for non-standard car insurance are known to be the most expensive. This is often due to poor credit scores, traffic violations, at-fault accidents, multiple insurance claims, or a DUI. Non-standard car insurance can also be applied if the insured policyholder does not own the vehicle but still drives it and requires insurance. Non-standard drivers are also young drivers who have just obtained their drivers license and need non-standard car insurance.

In recent years, car insurance has become more digitalized. According to reports, insurance companies have automated their claims process and their monthly premium payments so that their insured policyholders no longer need to interact with them. With the free quote calculators provided by insurance companies, you can shop for auto insurance quotes online. These advancements have also been adopted by Insurance Navy.

“Our business is founded on the principle of car insurance being affordable and easily accessible. It is required by law often, and should not be costly. The Texas offers fully binding non-standard car insurance. This is only the beginning. We are looking to do the exact same in all other states that we have operations in. Snieneh says.

SOURCE Insurance Navy

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